Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Can You Do With an Autoresponder?

You’ve no doubt seen name and email capture forms on websites like the one in the illustration above at least a thousand times, right?

When a person enters their name and email address, it stores the information in an autoresponder.

The autoresponder automatically responds (that's why they call it an ‘autoresponder’) by sending some pre-programmed message to the email address entered into the form.

Autoresponders are sometimes used to notify those who send them emails that the owner is away on holiday, or an "out of the office" reply is sent back (not always a good idea as it can alert thieves to your absence).

Autoresponders are typically used by online businesses to build customer/prospect opt-in mailing lists and to send web site visitors follow-up information about their products or services.

Autoresponder features generally have the ability to be pre-programmed with an unlimited number of already written follow-up responses which can be sent at predetermined times. For instance, the first message is sent when someone subscribes to your e-zine, the second message is sent two days later and the third message is sent three or four days after the second message…etc. This is called, an ‘autoresponder series’.

Autoresponder users may also send out broadcast messages to all of their subscribers or just a select group anytime they want. So, once you have built a large enough mailing list, this can be like printing money within hours whenever you send out a hot offer.

In the last few years, autoresponder services have added a feed feature to the email component that allows website owners to automatically send posts from their blog feeds (RSS) directly to their list subscribers.

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